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Get your YataoPan D Kurd 10 or D Kurd 13 including the Yatao softbag.
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The story behind

Since years we have the vision in mind to hold a handpan in our hands, that carries our name on it! The ever growing market around these beautiful instruments became opaque, especially for those of you who are new to the handpan. Which scale to take, which maker to ask - and most importantly - what quality will I get, if I purchase a certain instrument? There is no transparency given, due to a non availability of complete informations plus weird price policy within the whole handpan world. You can find high quality instruments for the same high price as low quality handpans.
The YataoShop was the first attempt to represent and provide high quality instruments to y'all. With the YataoPan we want to extend the variety of quality and offer you a decent instrument for a fair price.
All the feedback on the YataoPan was incredible so far - what do you say? Let us know your thoughts, feelings and wishes by sending us an email <3

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The makers and the material:

We teamed up with a handpan making company based in Guangzhou, China. It's a big company which is not exclusively producing for us, but for many other resellers worldwide. Everyone has their own concept, but we want to offer them to you without a big margin, in order to have the quality represented by the price. This is what makes the YataoPan unique.
The Handpans are handmade. The tuners and other workers are working under good conditions.
All YataoPans are made of Stainless Steel.