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Handpan Care Phoenix Oil 100 ml

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We feel a deep connection to our instruments. In our search for the right care oil, we have tried many different manufacturers. Phoenix Oil finally convinced us with its excellent quality.

Thanks to its unique product formula and the interaction of natural ingredients and essential oils, it helps to remove dust and dirt from metal surfaces and forms a long-lasting protective film. Phoenix Oil is dermatologically tested and contains no aggressive or acidic substances. It has an antibacterial effect due to the essential oils used and has a natural, sweet smell of lemongrass.


Stainless Steel


Diameter: 53 cm

Care Instructions

To make sure that your YataoPan keeps its brownish surface we recommend to regularly treat your instrument with
our “HandPan Car Pack” we added to your YataoPan.

1. Clean your Handpan with kitchen paper and Alcohol or the microfiber cloth we added.

2. Oil the surface with an oil (we recommend and use 'Phoenix Handpan Oil') so that the entire surface shines. Do not forget the corners and edges, as rust can easily adhere to them.

3. Wipe of the excessive Phoenix Oil with your microfiber cloth.
To keep the instrument clean for longer you can use the microfiber cloth exclusively for your Handpan and oil it after playing with the residual oil in it.

Corrosion of the surface due to humidity, salts and oxgen is normal and not avoidable.